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  • Type of site: Noncommercial; no sponsors, no affiliations to political parties. This does not preclude my own appraisal of political camps or tendencies.
    Legal claims:
    Accuracy disclaimer and citation

    Despite careful research, a guarantee for accuracy or correctness of statements cannot be given. Information sources that represent a noteworthy portion or aspect of statements made by me, are consequently cited. This does not cover information that is publically available from many sources.

    Intellectual property/copyright
    1. This site contains information that is irregularly updated. This information may be stored locally and links to the site may be created. Because the structure and content of the site can be changed at any time, links should preferably be directed to the homepage,, rather than to any subordinate page.

    2. Text citations, photos or graphics from this site may be publicized only with adequate source references, and not for commercial purposes.
    3. In case the presentation of any material on this site is seen by someone as an infringement of their own copyright, please contact me via email.

    Links to third party sites; waiver
    1. I am not responsible for the content of linked 3rd party Web pages. The existence of links to such external sites does not imply agreement with their content.
    2. Only the owner of a 3rd party Web-site is liable for illegal, erroneous or incomplete content, and for damage resulting from the use or non-use of the information presented there. Someone who simply links to such a Web-site is precluded from any liability.

    3. In following an external link, in case you discover content that you view as objectionable (e.g. of an illegal or prosecutable nature), or should the link be unreachable, then please inform me via email, so that I can check and apply a correction as necessary.
    Site usage tips: Such things as cookies, monitoring of user actions (via google analytics or whatever), Active-X, Iframes are NOT used here.

    Menu item 'Print' opens a new browser tab (or new window, depending on browser) to enable content to be printed without Menu bar and 'Places visited'.

    Printing of background colours and graphics requires selection of the corresponding setting in the browser.

    With JavaScript DEactivated in the browser, menu items 'Print', 'Zoom', 'Login' and the column 'Places visited' are inactive. To view the complete top-level contents list, click on menu item 'Contents'.

    Menu item 'Zoom' does not zoom graphics. However the zoom function of some browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox) does. NB: browser settings generally perpetuate over sessions.
    Hebrew representation: In order to realize a two-way (1:1) transliteration between english/german and hebrew, and for phonetic resemblance, use is made of diacritics and some unconventional rules:

    Identification:   First letter kapital -> אְ ; all kapitals -> אֲ
    Letters:     s <-> ס ;  ß <-> ש ;  y <-> ע ;  z(german) <-> צ ;  z(english) <-> ז ;
    Umlaut:   ä ö ü <-> עֻ עֵ עַ

    Known problems: In the seldom case that non-ASCII characters read directly from a text file do not render properly, setting the internet browser character coding to Unicode (UTF-8) will hopefully solve the problem.

    With Safari/4.0.2 on Windows XP: The popup print window never stops loading (no printing possible).
    Workaround: Deactivate JavaScript in the browser