Jörg Schönenborn's
Interview with Heiner Geissler*
Phoenix-TV "Fireside chat" 11.04.2010**

*) General Secretary of the CDU 1977-1989 under Chancellor Helmut Kohl. (*1910)
**) The first 45 of 60 minutes
Eulenspargel: Heiner Geissler expresses independent views. They do not necessarily reflect the formal standpoints of the CDU. And they have a social core. Something one cannot claim of Gerhard Schröder's program Agenda 2010 (red-green coalition 1998-2005).

CDU"black"Christian Democrats (Conservatives).
Chancellors e.g. Konrad Adenauer, Helmut Kohl, Angela Merkel
CSU"black"Christian Socialists (Conservatives in Bavaria).
On Federal level always in fraction with the CDU
FDP"yellow"Free Democrats / Liberals. Currently in coalition with the CDU
SPD"red"Socialists. Chancellors e.g. Willy Brand, Helmut Schmidt, Gerhard Schröder
Linke"deep red"Far left-wing. Mostly successor of the East German Party of pre 1990 (SED -> PDS)
Hartz 4 Social benefits for longterm unemployed in lieu of unemployment benefits
ALG I ArbeitsLosenGeld. Unemployment benefits (maximally 1 year)
ALG II = Hartz 4

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