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I had 18 bottles of whisky in my cellar.

My wife told me: empty the contents of every
single bottle into the kitchen sink, otherwise you
won't want to know what's hit you . . . . ! I said
yes love, and began with the unpleasant task.

I pulled the stopper from the 1st bottle and poured
the content into the sink. Then I extracted the
stopper from the 2nd bottle and did the same, with
the exception of one glass, that I drank. I then
pulled off the stopper of the 3rd bottle and poured
the whisky into the sink, that I drank. I pulled the
stopper from the 4th into the sink and pulled the
bottle into the glass, that I drank. I pulled the
bottle off the next stopper and drank out a sink
full of that and threw the rest into the glass. I
pulled the sink from the next glass and poured the
stopper into the bottle. Then I corked the sink with
the glass, bottled the drink and drunk the gush.
When I had emptied everything, I held the house with
one hand, counted the glasses, stoppers, bottles and
sinks with the other, and found there were 39. And
when the house came past again, I counted them once
more and eventually I had all the houses in the bottle,
that I drank. I am decidedly not under the afluence
of incohol as sommer thinker people. I am not half
as think, as I could drink. But I have such a feely
loveling ... !    !!!

(Author unknown, translation Eulenspargel)