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[04.06.2010] The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

[27.05.2010] Media as instruments for brainwashing? An example
[16.05.2010] After the election in the UK
[05.05.2010] After 3rd degree questioning by mumsnet, Gordon Brown confesses
[23.04.2010--04.06.2010] Ash over Europe
[23.04.2010] Apple's iPad: A locked-in syndrome

[06.04.2010] Somalia's maritime economy
[04.04.2010--23.06.2010] Whaling:  New Zealand sails with the wind,  Australia throws the anchor
[27.03.2010] Bulgaria withstands Gene Manipulation Lobby. An example for others?
[14.02.2010] The statue of liberty of the republic is a donkey
[30.01.2010--26.06.2010] Car producers: worldwide recall actions (Toyota then Peugeot-Citro├źn then Honda then GM)
[21.01.2010] Banker boni, and the helplessness of governments
[20.01.2010--26.01.2010] The WHO, the swine flu, and the pharmaceutical industry