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Volker Pispers: Capitalism + . . .     07.02.2011

[Angst syndrome]

But you can explain these systems to a German a thousand times, the German would say: It doesn't work any more! The pension fund, the pension, the pension gap4! The German fears the dispute within the government! They're at it again, aren't they? Driving us crazy! If the coalition negotiations carry on for too long, the spectre of ungovernability and the Weimar circumstances rear up in their heads. Oh-oh! says the German. Oh my God! Then we'll have no government at all! That's worse than a shitty government! I don't want that. ☺

There's no such thing as no government at all. Something incompetent always stays in office. Ask in Hessen. ☺☺ Or ask the Italians. The Italians haven't had a government for 63 years. And yet they got up every morning and managed to get through the day. And the Italians aren't as dumm as we are. They've seen through the game long ago. The Italians have recognized: those cabbages in Parliament don't have a say anyway. My situation, the Italian explains, is determined by big business and by the Mafia bosses in this country. These are the decision makers. And last time round the Italians were consequent: they elected the richest person in the country with the best contacts to the Mafia as Prime Minister. Following the motto: if he governs us anyway, then we might as well elect him. ☺ And Berlusconi can do whatever he likes. He is undisputed. Try to get an Italian's blood to boil with something like a ministerial car affair. ☺☺ With something like that you can occupy the German public for three weeks on end. With a ministerial car affair you can divert interest from pension and health care systems completely. The Italian would only comment: why didn't he pack in a few tarts as well, there was enough room in the car. ☺☺ I find this attitude sympathetic, I like Italy. The country is open, it is honest. There you can call the Mafia Mafia, you don't have to shamefacedly use the term power utility. ☺☺ And the German is afraid of dying out. Once again we're dying out - have you noticed that recently? Over the last 10 months the figures have been sinking dramatically. The big reforesting program of Mrs. von der Leyen5 has failed. ☺ The academics litter bonus is deflagrated. We are facing extinction! All those articles are popping up again: the demographic factor! How can life go on? One day we will be only 40 million Germans! A horror vision. Do you know how many Norwegians there are? They've already been added to the red list. ☺☺ Those are discussions! Where is the correlation between the population of a country and the quality of life therein? Isn't the crux of the matter the other way round? They always carry out these surveys in Europe: Where are people contented, balanced, happy, and feel themselves taken seriously and secure? In these surveys always the same three countries stand out on top: the scandinavian countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway. These are the countries with the lowest population density and the highest taxation rate. That which we fear the most brings the greatest happiness. Touch wood! ☺☺ But we are scared of dying out. Says the German: oh, how can the world exist without Germans? And the African replies: if there are no more Germans, then we too don't want to live any longer - no, no, no... And then the German can't decide what he should fear most: extinction? the failure of the government? Al Quaida? what's the worst that can beset us?
I can tell you exactly: the worst thing of all would be - we die out, and pension is left over. ☺☺☺

Until recently . . .

5) Family minister, CDU

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