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Nr 1 - January 2010 (last updated)  


Since body-scanners have begun to be mass-produced, prices have dropped drastically, so that they have become affordable even for the average consumer. Many models are usable in any home sauna. Your personal discounter Xanipoo: everything for everyone at affordable prices.

The fight against terrorism is being won over and over again

A-City, last Thursday: In a snap poll, the FDU own statistics institute Forza discovered that 63% of the FDU are in favour of body scanners.
According to back-bench sources, the FDU is planning the large-scale deployment of body scanners in all places that are in danger from terrorists: airports, railway and subway stations, and taxation offices.

Long-term consequences to health are to be specified by summer this year. An FDU speaker stated that protection of data/privacy is ensured, since the software will project recognizable body details only for those persons for which the scanner is unsure, e.g. in case of extreme BMI (Body-Mass-Index) values. Beyond that, aside from health insurance organizations, only selected US authorities will have access to stored images for official purposes.
FDU: The Free and Democratic Union