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Volker Pispers: Capitalism + . . .     07.02.2011

[Merkel and the german soul]

Then it also becomes a dilemma for politics, for the Chancelor. And then Merkel stands there, the way she always stands when she stands around like that. She just stands there and waits for something. Because ad-lib isn't really her thing. So, now we will proceed to do something. Merkel stands there. And then she looks in her characteristic manner ... She tries to give the crisis a face. ☺☺ Then she looks in that way. She stands and looks. Then I always think: She is as curious about what she is about to say as I am. ☺☺ That's the way she looks, isn't it? Exactly like that. And then Merkel realizes that she has been hesitating too long, the atmosphere is cooling down. Then she preheats with her speech bubbles. That woman has an inexhaustible speech bubble reservoir. Now comes the first bubble. Merkel says: In this question we in Europe must not let ourselves be divided. The sentence is grammatically just as correct as it is devoid of meaning. But spoken as a whole sentence, and in that the German is not spoilt by his politicians. And in future please pay attention to this: the more contentless what Merkel says, the more polished and inane, the more energetically she precedes it with: And therefore, I state consciously ... She always has to remind us that she is in a state of consciousness. ☺☺ Otherwise you could think she is just aimlessly babbling along. At times she also says: And therefore, I state quite consciously . . . Then she is completely conscious. We in Europe must not let ourselves to be divided on this question. The inversion of the phrase works better still. Merkel then says: In this question we must show unity. This immediately enthuses the German. Because unity, harmony, closedness is the thing for the German per se. Yes, the German likes things to be closed: trousers, world view, everything has to be closed and wrapped up. Open-mindedness, something new from the world, is nothing that the German relishes. No, no. That's why he found the time so pleasing as the Russian stood on the doorstep. Then you didn't need to go out. ☺☺ Everything was closed.

Political parties must act in cohesion, that's extremely important! When discussions come up in a political party - what's right, what's wrong? - then the Press reports: the party is at odds with itself, and the voter turns his back on them in disgust. The German doesn't want to be bothered with the details, they just have to be in unison. The German doesn't care in unison about what. The black-yellow [conservative-liberal] coalition government is not being criticized because they produce bad laws, but because they quarrel. They just need to present unity. That is the most important thing for the German. Unity! The national motto is "Unity and Justice and Freedom", and not "Competence and Justice and Freedom". ☺☺ They must agree with one another. ☺☺ And when the discussion in a party goes on too long, some party member comes up and says: And now let us again all pull together in concert. That's also exactly how the German on the street sees it: Now there's a sensible man, it's high time they all pull at the same rope. Doesn't matter if the rope happens to hang around his neck. ☺ Main thing, they all pull together. Closed ranks! Party conventions must send out a signal of unity. In the convention if two people run for the one post then the Press writes of a fight-candidacy [Kampfkandidatur]. And then our journalistic brain-dwarfs are ultimately beside themselves. A fight-candidacy! A fight-candidacy - that will tear the party asunder! Tatarataah! Tatarataah! With only one candidate you call it a ballot. ☺☺ And we also have a destiny-ballot [Schicksalswahl]. Every four years we have a destiny-election. OK, considering the candidates and parties we have available, that's fate. ☺

[Political rituals and disinformation]

But a direction-ballot [Richtungswahl], I beg you? You can always renew the mixture: CDU, CSU, FDP, SPD, and since 20 years the Greens. But what is a direction-ballot supposed to be? What substantial changes have we had? From black-yellow to red-green, over black-red now back to black-yellow . . . Economically they all do the same. They all believe in the same economic model, and all always have the same instruments for the same problems. Nothing at all changes. destiny-ballot is ridiculous. We had elections in which emotion played a role, that's true. Stop Strauß! Back then the population was still active in social questions. But today try putting up posters: Stop Merkel! The Germans would say: From doing what . . ? ☺☺ She just wants to play.

An endless loop. And the rituals are always the same. We have been lulled to sleep, ladies and gentlemen. Year in, year out we have this bargaining for wages. And each year we read in the papers: The employees must exercise restraint with their demands otherwise the economic recovery will break down. The employees then duly exercise restraint. The purchasing power drops. A recession begins. Next year the headlines read: Employees must exercise restraint with their wage demands otherwise we will not come out of the recession. In every year over the last 20 years there was a reason for the employees to exercise restraint in their demands. And we have dutifully complied. And so within 20 years we have achieved the transformation from the country with the highest wages in Europe to the country with the lowest. And this has now provoked the protest of the other Euro members, because with our dumping wage level we are ruining their prices.
Rituals - over and over again! Environmental catastrophies - over and over again! That was really terrible, this [Gulf of Mexico] oil spill, wasn't it? As much oil spilt as the Exxon Valdez - but daily! And with the Exxon Valdez the clock already stood five minutes before twelve. That clock is so kaputt, ladies and gentlemen. And then - the most wonderful phenomenom in this country - on the day before the school holidays the fuel price rises - always. I find this phenomenom fabulous. And it's always the dollar - have you noticed that? We hear in the news: The oil price has risen, the fuel price will rise, because the dollar . . . Oh! the dollar, says the German. Yes, the dollar . . . You can't do anything about that, can you? One time the dollar is too high, the other time it's too low. You just can't please those analysts. And I'd like to know how the dollar finds out our holiday dates! ☺☺

Our newscasts are a complete machinery for the mental enfeeblement of the population and the dissemination of bull-shit, ladies and gentlemen. And the machinery runs non-stop - permanently. ☺☺ And everything repeats itself, endlessly. You can check for yourself in the evening. Then the news of 25 years ago is broadcasted. Have you seen it? The first time I was completely confused. I sat at night in a hotel, casually zapped through the channels, until I got to the news. There I stopped. I have to keep abreast of the news. So, what's doing at the moment? OK, I knew that already, was last week. And that was yesterday. Why don't they bring what's really new? It took me five minutes to realize that this speaker is already dead! ☺☺
An endless loop. And nothing changes, ladies and gentlemen. Every four years these parties get elected in a new coalition. And what is the difference, ladies and gentlemen? Absolutely nothing.

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