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Volker Pispers: Capitalism + . . .     07.02.2011

The lie of capitalism consists of leading people to believe that everyone can reach a certain standard of living, they just have to work hard enough. And this level is the standard of our middle class. This is a lie and we must take leave from it once and for all. In this country you can see that it doesn't work. You can work as hard as you like. In particular professions it doen't help you at all. As doctor's receptionist, as pharmacy employee, as cleaning woman, as taxi driver, as geriatric nurse you can be as diligent as you want. You will never get anywhere. It has nothing to do with diligence. And those people who claim, we need a low-wage sector in order to keep the economy running, are saying: the standard of living of this middle class with car and holidays and all the other niceties can only be maintained if a third of the population works for board and lodging only. Whether behind the Wall or here in the neighbourhood. We need these modern slaves.
And you ought to be honest and state: that is how I am. Let "Slave driver" be tattooed on your forehead, so that everyone knows how things stand. But we have a democracy. Alternatively you could use the abbreviation "FDP", that gives you room for more. ☺ Only stop telling the people that in this country everyone can achieve success. OK, of course you can say: each person can become a millionaire but not all people can. That's like the lottery. In the lottery the chance is one to 140 million. People play in the lottery regardless of this. Because they hope that they will be the one in 140 million! In order for one person to become rich, 20 million others have to throw their money away.

That's the principle of capitalism. A small group becomes ever richer and their situation gets better and better. And the siuation of a growing number of people gets worse and worse. This is the principle behind this kind of economy. That's the end effect of interest accumulation. And if anyone tells you anything different, then he is either a complete idiot, or an extremely unappetizing body orifice, ladies and gentlemen. ☺

[Prosperity needs natural resources]

All people [around the globe] with our standard of living - that's what common sense tells you - is impossible. The planet doesn't have so much water. We also cannot produce so much energy. As the Asians began thinking of two meals a day two years ago the price of rice rose and for us that little hunger in between became quite dear. What we have currently is not possible for all. The resources of this planet are limited, completely in contrast to the stupidity in the FDP. This is of course unlimited. Unfortunately it cannot be transformed into energy - science can't yet split anything as minute as FDP brains. ☺☺ Impossible. Should all Chinese and all Indians possess as many cars per capita as we have, then on the way to work we could turn the ignition key and drive around for 15 minutes. Then the oil would be used up, forever. And the atmosphere as well of course.

Two years back the EU Commission stated: we cannot influence the number of cars, because we have a free market economy. But we can control the carbon dioxide exhausted per car. We will pass a law requiring that cars produce less dirt. Then more cars can drive around at the same burden to the environment. Instantly the German auto industry protested: these plans will destroy us! The headline was "65 thousand jobs in the auto industry in danger if these plans are realized". The man-on-the-street said to himself: 65 thousand jobs? This law has to be stopped. And I said: where is the connection between these two things? Why are jobs in the auto industry lost if cars push out less dirt? I was on the verge of calling the editor of the paper to ask him: from which jackass did he get this information? ☺ Where is the connection? I thought about it. There was only one possible connection. The number of workers needed to screw together a car must depend on the carbon dioxide emitted by the car. Or they assume that Germans will buy no more cars if not enough carbon dioxide comes out of the rear. True to the motto: then I will quit driving. If no dirt comes out of the rear then I will go on foot. ☺ I will lose all pleasure in driving! ☺☺ Tell me Mr. Wissman, which prerequisites do you have to fulfill in order to get a job as speaker of the auto industry? Must you have worked for years on end at your own exhaust? You present us this EU plan as a dilemma! Should we save the jobs in the auto industry or the planet? That's the dilemma!

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