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Volker Pispers: Capitalism + . . .     07.02.2011

[Climate endangers jobs]

Jobs - the killer argument in every discussion. That's why we cannot stop the climate change. Because all measures would put jobs in jeopardy this climate change thing just doesn't fit in. Some other time maybe. Of what use is a rescued planet if we have no jobs any more? Then better the other way around ☺ Yes, first and foremost we have to save the jobs. Whether we really need the planet has not yet been scientifically proven ☺ Those studies are just a bunch of computer simulations.
Back in the 70s the Club of Rome predicted what is happening today. Capitalism exploits the resources of the planet without restraint, robs us of the basis of our existence. And the people themselves are being exploited as well. And you don't even have to be a Marxist to understand that. You just have to at last take capitalism seriously.

[The new religion]

Capitalism is our new religion. At bottom our substitute religion. We have lost all belief. Except that we still believe in the liberal market economy. And because by now the liberal market economy, i.e. capitalism, really is our religion today you are no longer allowed to say anything against it. If you do, it's classed as blasphemy. You are immediately branded a heretic and screwball. And the gods that we worship in capitalism are Growth and Productivity. Those are our gods. Employment through growth, the mantra of our politicians.
Employment is only possible through growth. Ever more and more. And that makes people happy and satisfied. More and ever more ...

Since the last 25 years in this country we have the situation of producing more than we can consume. We throw away a third of all the food that we produce. We throw away a third of all the medicines we produce and get prescribed. And there is a surplus of everything. There is even too much money. That's the crazy thing about this economic situation. Some people sit around and don't know how to make ends meet, while others possess so much money that they don't know where to invest it. The frantic search for investment opportunities is pushing so much money around the globe that ever new finance products have had to be dreamed up to absorb it. The interest rate [today] is at basement level. And interest is the price for money. If too much of something is available, the price sinks. And the interest rates are at rock-bottom - but not for the Greeks. ☺
And there you can see that it's all completely cockeyed, and has no contact with reality. Too much of everything is available, but we need growth. The gravestone of capitalism will one day carry the inscription: Too much was not enough. ☺☺ Eternal, everlasting growth is what we need. That's not easy - ask Reiner Calmund1. ☺ We have to keep going.
It has to be ever more. Every year businesses must earn more than the year before. If an enterprise earns the same sum three years in a row, the analysts indicate thumbs down - the shares are devaluated. And with that your capital-funded pension goes down the toilet quicker than the sea level can rise. The Deutsche Bank has now arrived at 26% return on equity just because it has to be continuously more than the previous year. And we achieve that through [higher] productivity.

Productivity - the second of our gods: producing ever more in ever shorter time with ever fewer workers. And in this we Germans have always been world champions. We are way up in front when it comes to productivity. But meantime even the German workaholics are nearing their limits. We have now reached a level of productivity that the people who still have jobs become ill. Everywhere in Germany psychosomatic diseases are on the increase. A while back, burnout was something quite exotic. Today it's present across the board in all occupations. People become ill because they have work. The rest becomes ill because they don't have work. In this way capitalism does something for everybody. ☺ But you can't escape it: once you have adopted this religion then you have to live it, you have to work and fight and be productive and push growth ever more and ever more ...

1) Former soccer trainer, weighed 162kg.

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